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Spotlight on Female Directors

Supported by the Embassy of Spain in Australia

The festival is celebrating the talent of female directors from Spain and Latin America with a selection of 11 films directed by women. From well-known established directors such as Icíar Bollaín and Gracia Querejeta to fresh new voices like Lila Avilés, these films represent the strong directing talent of some of the most exciting Spanish and Latin filmmakers.

New Spanish Cinema
Peret, yo soy la rumba
Paloma Zapata
Hailed as the “King of Rumba” for his fusion of flamenco song with Latin American rhythms, this documentary spanning six decades captures the magic that was Peret.
New Spanish Cinema
Ana de Día
Andrea Jaurrieta
When a doppelganger appears in the life of a dissatisfied woman, she takes this opportunity to escape and discover a new life in this inviting and dangerous thriller.
New Spanish Cinema
Carmen y Lola
Arantxa Echevarría
Bilbao-born writer-director Arantxa Echevarría and her exceptional non-professional cast deliver an empathetic portrayal of forbidden love in a repressive society that is altogether inspiring, necessary and beautiful.
Drama / Romance
New Spanish Cinema
Ola de Crimenes
Gracia Querejeta
This romping comedy-thriller stars Maribel Verdú as a well-to-do woman who is desperately trying to conceal the murder of her ex-husband at the hands of her son, with hysterically catastrophic outcomes.
Comedy / Thriller
New Spanish Cinema
Mi Querida Cofradía
Marta Díaz de Lope Díaz
Director Marta Díaz de Lope Díaz’s debut sees a host of eccentric characters deliver a fresh and funny perspective on female empowerment and patriarchy in the church.
Cine Latino
Jazmín Stuart, Hernán Guerschuny
Candid and contemporary with moments of profound intelligence Break is at once a dynamic comedy and tender drama that shines a refreshing light on anxieties about middle age.
Comedy / Drama
Cine Latino
Sueño FlorianÓpolis
Ana Katz
Argentine writer-director Ana Katz invites her audience to immerse themselves in the idyllic coastal scenery of Brazil as a middle-class family embarks on a bright, breezy and bittersweet holiday.
Cine Latino
La Camarista
Lila Avilés
Premiering to great acclaim at Toronto and London Film Festivals, director Lila Avilés’ striking and compelling debut feature portrays the life of a chambermaid at a luxurious Mexico City hotel.
Cine Latino
Las Niñas Bien
Alejandra Márquez Abella
Director Alejandra Márquez Abella presents this gorgeously mounted and beautifully played feature that is at once a scathing and glamourous depiction of the wives of upper-class men in 1982 Mexico.
Comedy / Drama
Cine Latino
La Mala Noche
Gabriela Calvache
Director Gabriela Calvache delivers this bold and affecting feature debut about the real-world issues of human trafficking and the mafia which preys on the victims.
Drama / Thriller
Cine Latino
Icíar Bollaín

An extraordinary biopic of the legendary Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta, the first black dancer to perform some of the most famous ballet roles.

Drama / Biography