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The Footballest

The Footballest

Los Futbolísimos
Lamata knows how to put the emphasis on the equilibrium, on the themes and on the tone.

Mystery, laughs and soccer abound in this romping family adventure which is based on the extremely popular top- selling Spanish adventure novels of the same name.

Francisco, also known to his friends as Pakete, is 11 years old. Living in a quiet town on the outskirts of a big city, Pakete and his soccer team Soto Alto form an inseparable squad. Everybody knows the team is struggling and they’ve got to win one of the next three games to keep the school from eliminating them altogether. This is going to be a challenge, especially given Pakete got his nickname because of his bad aim when shooting on goal. The stakes are high, so when a series of strange events cause them to lose the first two games, Pakete and his friends decide to create The Footballest, an investigative team that will get them into all kinds of sticky situations where their ingenuity and friendships will be put to the ultimate test.

Please note the film will screen with English subtitles during the festival.

Miguel Ángel Lamata
Julio Bohigas, Milene Mayer, Marcos Milara, Iker Castiñeira, Jorge Usón
2018 | 94 min | Spain | Family Comedy
Spanish with English subtitles
All Ages (exemption)