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Looking For a Boyfriend...For My Wife

Looking For a Boyfriend... For My Wife

Se Busca Novio... Para Mi Mujer
Box Office Hit in Chile

Reuniting the director and cast of the Chilean version of the hit sitcom Married with Children, this new comedy provides copious amounts of laughter interspersed with heartfelt moments. Actors Javiera Contador and Fernando Larraín return to their familiar comedic territory to tell the story of Daniel (Larraín), a man in a matrimonial crisis. Without work or friends, he is under the thumb of his overbearing wife Natalia (Contador) and is at the end of his tether, only he lacks the bravery to admit his intentions to separate.

With one bright idea, Daniel and his friends cook up a foolish scheme to solve his problem. They cunningly enlist the skills of “Puma” Flores to conquer Natalia’s heart so that she may make the decision to separate herself. But nothing good can come of an arrangement such as this... or can it?

Entertaining direction and an excellent ensemble cast make this a guaranteed fun outing with family, friends or above all, a partner, as it conveys the importance of finding new reasons to fall in love with each other every day.

Official SelectionChicago Latino Film Festival 2018 WorldFest Houston International Film & Video Festival 2018

Please note the film will screen with English subtitles during the festival.

Diego Rougier
Javiera Contador, Fernando Larraín, Daniel Muñoz
2017 | 100 min | Chile, Argentina | Comedy, Romance
Spanish with English subtitles
18+ (exemption)