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The Uncovering

The Uncovering

El Desentierro

Goya award-winners Leonardo Sbaraglia and Jan Cornet star with Michel Noher in Nacho Ruipérez’s exciting debut thriller, The Uncovering.
A troubled Jordi (Noher) returns to his boyhood town to attend the funeral of his uncle, an important minister. When a young Albanian woman named Vera mysteriously appears at the funeral, she reignites Jordi’s desire to investigate the dark past of his father (Sbaraglia) who disappeared twenty years before. Together with Diego (Cornet), his cousin and son of the deceased minister, the two begin digging in the ashes of the past for answers. Their search will trace an intricate web connecting murder, corruption and prostitution that reaches from the local run- down hostess club all the way to the sprawling rice fields that surround the town, taking them ever closer to the only one who knows the truth about this buried story - Vera.

With evocative cinematography and a setting reminiscent of Marshland (SFF14), this moody mystery is equally enigmatic, oozing suspense until its final revelatory moments.

Official SelectionSeville European Film Festival 2018

Please note the film will screen with English subtitles during the festival.

Nacho Ruipérez
Michel Noher, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Jan Cornet
2018 | 108 min | Spain | Crime Thriller
Spanish with English subtitles